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Our goal is to realise an idea that can prevent unnecessary sight loss across the world.

237 million people globally suffer long term eye diseases that lead to devastating sight loss if not monitored regularly and treated. Demand is soaring from an ageing population and the increase in diabetes to the point where even the most advanced health systems can’t cope. Consequently, cases of sight loss amongst patients are increasing due primarily to delayed treatment.

Macusoft has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) clinical decision support system for the optimal management of preventable sight threatening eye conditions. Treatment is tailored to each individual patient and delivered at the point-of-care for the best possible outcome.

The AI system is cloud-based and can be deployed rapidly at scale across health systems to alleviate the overburden in eye departments and reduce unnecessary sight loss.

Welcome to macusoft.

We’re a group of clinicians, engineers, entrepreneurs and patients with a simple groundbreaking idea that we hope will eliminate unnecessary sight loss worldwide.

Macusoft is applying technology to solve some the largest problems in healthcare using well-honed digital artificial intelligence (AI) systems to detect, diagnose and manage diseases of the eye.

Our solutions are designed to be deployed rapidly and at scale, quickly delivering improvements in care quality and cost savings for health systems.

We gather feedback from our patients, clinicians and partners in order to learn what to do differently and benefit the greatest number of people.

Redefining digital care

Unparalleled Technology and endless possibilities

Using genomic, clinical and imaging data, we can predict the optimal treatment plan by individual patient at the point-of-care for the best outcome.

Digital imaging and patient data has enabled us to build artificial intelligence (AI) that can be trained to deliver specific tasks at far higher accuracy than is humanly possible. Applying deep learning to large volumes of image and patient data enables us to deliver treatment options that are evidence-based.

This is the beginning of a journey to build a portfolio of digital AI interventions that unlock global healthcare opportunities and help build a better tomorrow.

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