Clinical decision support and management

MacuSense is an AI clinical decision support system for the optimal management of sight-threatening macular disease. The cloud-based service is highly scalable and can be delivered across sites for real-time results at the point-of-care, in hospital and out-of-hospital settings, providing essential capacity for heath systems.

Specifying individualised treatment options at the point-of-care improves outcomes and provides a better patient experience.

Fluorescein angiography is a medical procedure in which a fluorescent dye is injected into the bloodstream. The dye highlights the blood vessels in the back of the eye so they can be photographed.

This test is often used to manage eye disorders in order to confirm a diagnosis, determine an appropriate treatment, or monitor the condition of the vessels in the back of the eye.

FluoreSense assists clinicians with diagnosis and treatment by providing digital visualisation and analysis of the state of the eye in order to inform the resulting treatment plan.


Managing active leakage


Streamlining retinal image analysis and reporting

RetinaSense reduces the rate of preventable eye diseases causing vision loss in the developing world. Our aim is to enable remote camera operators to provide a full retinal analysis service from the ground with no need to set-up new infrastructure.

RetinaSense enables affordable screening for major eye diseases from a cloud-based solution connected to a local mobile phone camera and trained operator. Mobile cameras connect with virtual AI-powered ophthalmologists, providing fast, low-cost and accurate reporting at the point of care.

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